Saturday, October 17, 2015

Photo Confessional - Family Contributions

My family moved to Denver a little over two years ago. We're not new to the area by any means. We've bounced between Florida and Colorado over the years. It took us two years to find our perfect home. It's an apartment because who can afford to buy a home in this lifetime where down payments are concerned...but it's ours.

We just put the finishing touches on our cozy abode yesterday. As I sit here on my couch and take in my surroundings, I notice that all of the artwork hung in carefully selected locations were all given to us by a different family member. Each tells its own story and makes our home feel warm and loving...

This was painted by someone in my family decades ago. I don't know who but it's always been my favorite. I often stare at it and wonder what this man is thinking. What was the artist's story behind it? It tells a different tale each time I catch site of it.

The Cottage - painted by my father-in-law

The City - painted by my father-in-law

Family portrait corner - all painted by my father-in-law

Created by one of my sons using paint, chalk, and glue - so much texture and brilliant color

Another set of colorful pieces created by one of my sons - splatter paint and a Monet replica

My late Hungarian grandfather used this pan to whip up batches of a childhood favorite treat - Polachintas! Take note, the handle is that of an old broom.

Family room portrait of my husband's late grandmother's home in Florida

Bats on every light switch my youngest and I made because Halloween is our favorite

A Hungarian doily of my late Hungarian grandmother, which used to lay on her couch at one point in time

This arrived straight from the Dominican Republic from our Uncle, a Catholic priest 
My mother-in-law brought this back with her from a trip to Ireland

My home tells a story at every corner. What's shown here isn't even half of it.

 What decorates your walls? What secrets does it hold?

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