Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We're All Beautiful

Have you ever put on your make-up, wore your new outfit, and your hair was on point all in one day?  Did you look in the mirror and think to yourself, "Damn!  I look good today!"

But have you ever felt beautiful?

Here you are walking to your car, almost skipping, when you see her. The woman who is flawless with her high heels on (and she is owning those shoes). She who wearing all of that sophisticated clothing with her perfect hair and made up face…Then you see your reflection in the car window. Immediately you go from,  Damn,  I look good, to I look like an adolescent. I'm just a small town girl, plain and simple. I'll never be the woman other women look at and have the same thoughts I just had about her.

The once amazing day ahead has turned into, I'm so getting taco bell to feed my feelings at lunchtime instead of the originally planned trip to the healthy establishment to feed my soul with something equally as good as how I felt this morning.

Your mood just flew South for the Winter before it could even enjoy this new Autumn weather we're having.

Do you ever wonder if other women are experiencing the same scenarios about you? Is she looking your way thinking, "Wow, she's rocking those boots...and that necklace? I wish I knew how to accessorize that way, or at all for that matter. I couldn't put an outfit together like that to save my life." 

You know what? It does happen to you. Probably more often than you think. Do you know how I know? When I'm at the grocery store and I'm passing a woman who is looking fabulous...I compliment her. "That necklace! It's beautiful!", "Your hair color is stunning!" I don't do this for the sake of doing it. I do it because I mean it. I want other people to approach me with that attitude instead of giving dirty looks and the knowing of the thoughts crossing her mind, "Bitch!", because she knows I look good. Maybe her self-esteem is particularly low that day and she can't bring herself to smile and keeps walking. I get it. I've been there. I've done that.

A friend of mine recently posted something on Facebook that read something along the lines of...How many women will admit within this post that they check out other women's asses knowing that it looks absolutely perfect (or not)? I was one of the first to comment, yes, I totally do. And I do. 

Women are beautiful creatures with their shapely bodies (all sizes) and varying skin color. 

As Elaine from Seinfeld would say (not a direct quote)...I can put asses in the seat (with her looks and sex appeal).

We've all got it ladies. A positive attitude toward others goes a long way. Think about those women you (could) compliment. How do you think you made her feel while she was on her way to the deli counter to check off item one on her shopping list? She's jumping for joy on the inside and her smile isn't fading anytime soon, even after she's pushing her cart to the car. It feels good to know it. It's called kindness. And it wins every single time. 

I am beautiful and so are you. 

Edited to add an important disclaimer:  Of course beauty begins from within. Sometimes being reminded of our outer beauty strengthens what is on the inside. And that is something quite powerful. 

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