Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Confidence -- Something I Lack

I wanted to remain anonymous here when I first started sharing my stories again. Today I say fuck that. 

I put out a little piece of myself over Halloween weekend and decided to share it with a larger audience because I'm proud of it. Proud of myself for stepping it up and saying I do matter...

Among the obvious reasons why today is my favorite day of the year (horror, decor, horror, gore, horror), it's the one day of the year you're not ridiculed for being something you're not. While I don't have a costume, today I choose to be someone else. A confident woman. Something I definitely am not, and if you disagree, it just goes to show how well I play off my mental illness and how flawless I can be in faking it for others. It's all for you to think I'm okay, even when I am not. Being bipolar is a curse but sometimes it's awesome in that my creativity shines through. It's Halloween bitches. Celebrate it in your own way.

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