Friday, November 20, 2015

My Cars Will Never Be Safe as Long as Other Drivers Exist

Today is the suck.

I woke up with a heavy feeling and didn't feel like going through the motions to make myself socially presentable, but I did it anyway.

I've owned a handful of cars in my lifetime. Each of them has taken a beating from other drivers. I've never been in an accident that was my fault. To this day, whenever I come to a stop, I keep my eyes on the rear-view mirror because I just know I'll be rear-ended. Again. I'm a magnet for it. I'm very cautious when it comes to all of the drivers around me. Especially when the snow begins to fall. Especially when my child(ren) are in the car.

Today's accident was quite special...

I was parked on the street outside of my son's school. I park there everyday and walk him to his line, give him hugs and smooches, and get on with the daily grind. This morning there was an SUV (don't get me started on how much I hate not being able to see around SUVs for oncoming traffic) parked rather funny. The ass-end of her car was out in the street. I parked about 20 feet away from her and put my car in park. Then her reverse lights came on and I knew it would end badly. She pressed her gas pedal to the floor and backed up...right into my fucking car. I put my car in reverse as soon as I noticed she wasn't stopping but it was too late.

I turned around to make sure my son was okay and waited for her to get out of her car. When she wasn't moving, I got my son out and shooed him on his way to his line when she finally got out. I'll admit I was not a polite person.

She didn't even look before she slammed into me. Who does that?

She came toward me saying sorry...sorry...sorry in her thick accent. I asked her if she called the police yet and she begged me not to call.

"My husband," she cried.

I didn't give a fuck about her illegal in this country husband, I wanted my car fixed. I wanted her insurance info. I wanted to get this day over with before it fucking started.

(By the must be pretty fucking stressful to live in a country illegally when all you're doing is worrying that you'll get caught.)

I got what I needed, talked to the police, filed the proper reports, spoke to her insurance agency...all before 9am.

I'm mad. I'm upset. I'm tired. I want to fucking give up.

Does anything good come my way anymore?

Did it ever?

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  1. Holy shit - I am SO sorry - you're way better than me in that kind of situation; I have a major road rage problem and God knows how I would've reacted; the cops might have cuffed me (again) .....anyway I'm really sorry.

    That whole thing SUCKED and I'm glad you got the info. & that you're safe - good for you!!!!!!!!


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