Saturday, November 28, 2015

Photo Confessional - Blurred Vision

I recently shared this on social media...Since then, there's more involved. Psychotropics are the way of my world.

Sometimes you have to drink whiskey through a straw because your lips are so chapped from the rare side-effects only you would get from your medication and you keep picking at them constantly because self-harm is your game.

I was so depressed last night and two anti-anxiety pills wasn't cutting it so I swallowed a third and didn't get enough sleep. Walking with my eyes half shut today. My vision is blurry otherwise.

Living in Denver makes you have to dress up all warm-like and remain cute at the same time. I sat in my office all alone for an hour then learned that the slut fucks didn't tell me to stay home. (the smile is a fake)

This lead to stopping at the store for warm slippers because retail therapy is also a side-effect of my "disorder".

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  1. Love this & your sense of humor! This post is so true, most are things that only people with mental illnesses {bipolar disorder} understand. Great post! Subscribing & following!

    Have a great weekend!


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