Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Aftermath -- Are the Kids Okay?

I don't know too many people who come from a home where their birth parents are still going strong.

Choices get made, someone is unhappy (or everyone), and life moves in a different direction.

I'm asking you, if you've been is this position, how it effected you and your kids in the long run?

Last night was a glimpse into my future.

The quiet that came with it was piercingly loud, but tranquil. Necessary.

It's difficult to make the decision, even when you've known it to be the right decision for a long time.

Someone always gets hurt.

The future holds answers to so many questions. I wish I could know the answers ahead of time.


  1. I always felt blessed that I grew up in a home where my parents were still together. Most of my friends spent weekends at their dads, or lived with grandparents. I had them both, under one roof and it was glorious.

    However, I fele that if this is a path that you are headed down, the kids will be fine. I truly believe that if you are honest with them and co-parent effectively, no matter how hard it may be, they will be fine. They will adjust. They will take their cues from you, so hold your head up high, be civil and show strength. At one point, there was love there, don't forget that.

  2. My situation is different and has been going on longer but I don't doubt it was for the best. Maybe at the time I didnt and maybe there are days I wish thifs were differend but our kids need to see our strengths. How we deal with the tough situations life hands us. It's our job to teach them to stand up for themselves. That it's not ok to be taken advantage of. That it is ok to put yourself first sometimes and your kids first always. That sometimes the right choice is the hardest one you will ever make. I might not have chosen my situation but I choose how it affects me every day. I feel my son is better for it. Stronger. More resilient.


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