Friday, November 6, 2015

Yet Another Heap of Bullshit

I've left word with Jack.

Say it ain't so, right?

Headache city and I cannot deal with the throbbing any longer.

Is it due to the leap in my medication? It was done slowly and by the book. I felt high on life for the first week or two and then this headache hit and I can't kick it.

I'm drinking a lot of water, taking ibuprofen, caffeine intake is steady...nothing out of the ordinary is going on other than situational bullshit and the possibility that my medication is causing this. FUCK!

Does it have something to do with my lady garden? Being a girl sucks. I had to whip out the heating pad last night. It's been years since I've had to do that.

I have an ear infection but not like a real infection...just extra fluid in there. I'm taking some allergy medicine, per my PCP, to clear things up.

I just got my thyroid retested and it's at a steady level.

I have a fucking cold sore. Tea tree oil to the rescue.

You visit your kid's school for one little Halloween parade and you come out with the plague. No really, I've consulted with Dr. Google and I'm dying. Again.

So you see? Situational bullshit upon another heap of bullshit.

It is what it is and all that.

To be continued...


  1. Those headaches are the worst! And add in the contracting uterine walls and life and FML. I begged my doctor to take it all out when Ryan was born. Like honestly, I have a huge family history of ovarian cancer, just eliminate the problem!! But nooooooo, let's tie my tubes instead, which only eliminates one problem.

    Hope you feel better and everything straightens out,

    1. I hate when doctors play God like you're going to change your mind. Take it all out so I don't have to deal with this for the next 25 years because I'M DONE! Jack contacted me back and we cut down on my dose so we shall see.


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