Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Childhood Friend's Words | Poetry

My childhood best friend, ironically also named Pamela, lived across the street from me for eighteen years. She was part of my family and I a part of hers. We lost paths after I moved away but social media brought us back together. 

Now we talk on the phone and text like time never passed us by. We've been comparing notes and I recognized the writer in her. And she's good. Damn good. I'm sharing her with you today!

*** my apologies

would you come if i was scared
would you know without me saying

would you hold my hand 

even if i couldn't find the words to express why my heart aches   
why i cry in my mind and shelter my thoughts till they are rage
or would you run far away
leaving me this way
if i couldn't say

© Pamela Vignapiano 2015

     (unnamed to unanswered questions)

who do you trust
when everyone lies
who do you turn to when you can see their thoughts with your eyes

where do you go

when nowhere is home
how do you feel in your own mind thinking alone

© Pamela Vignapiano 2015

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