Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Another Failed Attempt

My side-effects aren't getting better.

The depression is worsening.

My psychiatrist is on vacation until Monday.

I called the on-call psychiatrist.

He called me back.

He referred me to my primary care physician.


Because the side-effects don't coincide with the medication.

Even though I looked it up.

Even though I have five pages of side-effects where I highlighted mine.

I called my PCP.

She's out of town.

Her assistant called me back.

It's all psychotropic.


I didn't realize.

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  1. What's not being done for you is medical negligence which can and does cause so much damage.in my state the MD&mental health are separated.an MD can't treat or has enough knowledge to care for the mentally disabled&can write a prescription but health insurance won't cover the cost,you have to pay but if a mental health clinic writes the same,insurance covers it.also now councilors are not allowed to be involved in a clients MD health this no advocacy allowing doctors to do really dirty things and get away with it.I know because its happening go me for at least 5 years now&have physical disabling conditions because doctors exploited my mental disability,shoveling pills for conditions I never had&now I have crippling physical health conditions that neither side of family lines ever has had and Medicare cut backs took away my mental health case worker and I'm left without any advocate or receive just basic care standards,treatment and all conditions are getting worse as each year passes.I'm 36 yrs old and near bed bound in massive pain daily.do some reading about your condition,then read about medications used for that condition instead of these multi conditions non habit forming crap being pushed.they are just as dangerous.don't just rely on them.I made that life ending mistake


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