Sunday, January 3, 2016

Haunted Childhood | A Poem

she stood at three feet tall
with shoulder length glossy blonde locks
cherry colored lips & flushed cheeks
her teeth frosted white
a fraud
an absurd smile never to tarnish
when left alone she shifted
the slightest expressions
she’d whisper
“i know that you know”
muttering meant to terrify
arms up
arms down
plastic stature
nobody else took note
in my nightmares she preyed
creeping down the hall to my bedroom
hovering above my head
her face mangled
a reminder that she wasn’t a toy
freed from her packaging
i became her victim
i put her underground
in the damp basement
the next day she was in the livingroom
i climbed the ladder to the attic
dragging her by the hair
i threw her as far as my child sized arms would allow
the next day she was in my bed
her head resting on my pillow
eyes fixated on me
soaking in the shock
her smile grew wider
i smiled back
tomorrow was trash day
& i retrieved the box of thick black bags stored in the garage
i dismembered her
placed her inside
& sealed it with a double knot
at twilight i skipped to the curb with her remains
leaving her outside to perish
i went back to the warmth of my pink quilt
& waited for sleep to pull me under
yanked from a dream the next morning with a thump
arms where legs should be
legs slumped at her side
“i know that you know”

Pamela Gold 2015

To hear this poem read in my voice on the World Poetry Open Mic show CLICK HERE and go to the 47 minute mark! It was a blast to break through my comfort zone and own it.

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