Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Someone Else's Last Thought

I hoped to have my blood test results back last Friday. I knew I was pushing it.

By Monday I was anxious to get the call.

At noon I grew impatient and left a message for my doctor's assistant. She called back not long after to say yes, they had in fact gotten the results. The doctor was going to review it and get back to me.

I watched the clock until 5:30pm and got nothing.

I thought, surely they'll call first thing on Tuesday.

By 11:30am my anxiety skyrocketed again. I left another message. I'll catch her before lunch.

At 2:30pm I took a walk to run some work errands. On my way back to the office I saw a sign for a bakery called Big Fat Cupcake. Naturally I went inside and picked one out.

Yeah...Those are totally fucking pretzels!
The cute little lady asked me...Small or large?

I'll take the one as big as my head!

Now I'm a little more dizzy but at least I can blame the sugar for about an hour.

I'm trying to be understanding.

Maybe she's busy?

I'm fucking important though. Right?

When I break down in your exam room because...What the actual fuck is wrong with me? ....bitch better be calling me with results in a hurry.

I realize I'm just someone else's last thought.

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