Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Starting Over (again)

I'm going to keep this rather abrupt because I know I've been absent from social media and people are asking what's going on with me (the labels in this post can give you a better idea of where I'm at). I can't look at electronic devices right now for long due to the whirlwind of shit that I'm going through (think 24/7 motion sickness feeling).

With help from others, I was convinced that what I'm going through HAS TO BE more than mental illness related.

I just got back from visiting my PCP. She did a full exam including blood work and spent time with me as I had a nervous breakdown. I have a bacterial infection from the medication and will start antibiotics for that. I'll get the blood test results by Monday.

I honestly hope she finds something so it can be treated and I can feel better about myself. Does that sound like a double negative in a way?

The new short term goal is to get off the mood stabilizer. My psychiatrist isn't getting back to me right now so I'm working with her on reducing that slowly.

I'm doing it.

Starting over.

What the fuck choice do I have?

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