Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Not My Usual Poetry

I wrote this poem for my husband on Valentine's Day in 2010. I didn't write this poem because I big puffy heart love V-Day. I wrote this poem because it's the most ridiculous day of the year (to me). I don't normally rhyme in my poetry, but this one has a nice ring to it...

| an ode to a most tremendous hubs |

roses are red
because they look too funny when blue
you are my most favoritist dick lord
even when you appear to not have a clue
i may not always show my love
but i promise it is always there
even when you feel the need to pee in front of me
like it is some kind of dare
i love you the most
when the unicorn horn is absent from your ass
your ability to laugh at my witty humor
is always a blast
to my dearest douche-bag
nobody else can compare
i love you all the way to texas
and i know you will always be there

This post is in response to the prompt: Write a poem to your love for Valentine’s Day.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. HAHAH!!!
    Oh Valentine's Day is the dumbest holiday of all. Except I get cinnamon hearts and I love those damn things.

  2. Haha! They should put that on a Valentine's card. I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day either. It's all commercial.

  3. Great poem! I've been scaling back my V-days too. This year my bf is making something special and I have asked him not to buy me chocolate because I am dieting. Stopping by from MamaKat's.

  4. Pleasurable thank you for sharing.

  5. LOL! I could totally feel the witty, snarky heartfelt love!

  6. This sounds like the kind of relationship where he comes home with a dozen red roses, a box of heart shaped chocolates, and jewelry every Valentine's Day. ;) Your poem is hilarious!


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