Sunday, February 21, 2016

Repression--A Narrative Poem

Everyone interprets poetry in their own way. Some take the words and make it into something taking place in their own life in that moment.

What do you take away from this one?

* * *


she gazes to her left
her first sight is all sky
an angered filled grey
patches of blue in its shadow
shifting into a seated position
outlines of mountains appear
a vibrant scene cascading the ocean below
water lapping its way forward
an unseen force pulling it from behind
sounds of purity drifting in from the window
she stands
back cracking
limbs in misery
feet howling for relief
she shuffles to the window
stopping one foot prior
her lower half remains planted
her upper half bows forward
chasing after hints of life
her pain surging
this her only solace from the torture yet to come
the purity of the abyss below
almost bleaching her distress
the chains fan out behind her
cuffs biting into her skin
the persistent swelling
footsteps climb the stairs behind the splintered wooden door       
floorboards vibrating
the key turns the knob
unlatching his anger
spilling from his solid expression
he yanks
drags her back
removing another link
further spraining her reach
the calm is dissolved
just in time to create another grotesque secret

Pamela Gold 2/2016

* * *

I starting writing this when my anxiety was at a level so high, I became paranoid. I didn't finish it because I wasn't sure what was going to happen to her (me). I wasn't sure if she would find a way out of those chains and jump out of the window or if she would just keep riding the anxiety train and see what stop would take her off. I rode the train further, but haven't gotten off yet. My anxiety is still at an all time high but I'm working through it.


  1. thank you for sharing this little piece of you

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and comment!

  2. Writing can be therapeutic. Explore. Maybe take some classes and be surrounded by like minds.

    1. I really would love to take a class. You may have nudged me to look into this deeper!


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