Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Reached Out For Help (Again)

I left my doctor a message this morning.

"I know it's been less than a week since we increased my anti-depressant but it's not helping."

I hope I didn't sound too desperate.

"It's taking everything inside of me not to swallow the contents of my medicine cabinet."

At least I didn't cry.

"Please don't give up on me."

I haven't heard back yet.


  1. Don't give up on yourself. Is this a doctor that you have a good relationship with? I've found that to be an important part of effective treatment. Maybe you should be looking around for a better doc.
    Having said that you may need more time for the increase to take effect. Check the drug info and see. Think of it this way, you're on your way to feeling better. If you don't give up on yourself.

    1. I agree with Brandon. It can take up to 3 or 4 weeks for the effects of the increase to kick in. In the meaning time, find some coping skills to get you through. Stay busy. Also he was talking about the relationship between Doctor and patient. HUGE! So try not to be too anxious. I know....easier said then done. Take a notebook out and list at least 10 things you can do to calm yourself down while you are waiting to see if this increase will kick in. ~ Heather


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