Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Medication Resistant Bipolar Depression

Lori Calabrese, MD

I was reminded this week by a friend on social media that continuing to share your story helps others. I've been hiding from all walks of life (mostly). I'm not sure if it's because I'm ashamed at where I'm at in this journey or if it's because I don't know why I would continue to share such negativity. 

I've been on a heaping handful of drugs since my last post back in December. In April, I started to feel the depression lifting and it was a nice turn of events, let me tell you. Then mid-April rolled on through and I had to get my gallbladder removed. The depression returned almost immediately after and that's where I've been since. 

I've been on this (new to me) drug for 10 days and I want nothing more than to flush it all down the toilet. Why was I chosen to be so sensitive to medication? I could handle being drowsy, but no. I'm drifting off to sleep while driving to work (I was startled awake when my car's tired rubbed against the curb) in the morning after I slept like a rock for a solid 8-9 hours. Last weekend, I slept overnight for twelve hours then went on to have a three hour nap. My point is, I could sleep 24 hours a day and still feel exhausted. 

My psychiatrist thinks I need to see a Psychopharmacologist. That's great and all but they don't accept insurance, and even if I could scrape the money together for the office visit, there would be visits to follow and medication to purchase (that could be at the high end of my insurance bracket). 

Do you deal with medication resistant Bipolar depression or are the medications you've been on too strong, even at the lowest of doses? I'd like to hear your experiences. 

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