Friday, July 6, 2018

Vacation is Good for the Soul

I spent the last week on vacation from work, at home and around town, but not at the office.

It's a freeing feeling at night not having to get lunch ready, set out clothes, keep an eye on the clock and such fun to be sitting around and decide to hit the pool.

I'm fully aware of how far gone I am when it comes to my mental health. I started a new medication just before vacation began and don't feel anything different (please done tell me to give it time).

I know what I should be doing to get to a better place: exercise, eat right, get out of the house...and on and on. It's logical.

The thing is, I sit behind a desk all day waiting for time to pass so I can get home, where I actually like being. I'm having trouble liking my job as of late. I've been there for three years and my role has changed considerably over time. I am a glorified assistant who does a ton of data entry at this point and it's a bore. The benefits and pay are nice so I just do it and very little else.

When Saturdays roll around, the idea of getting up and ready to do anything make me emotional. So each weekend I end up cooking (or not) and watching TV while doing laundry and cleaning. Very little else goes on. I make excuses that I'm too tired, too anxious or have too much to do at home. All are true but I know if I really wanted to make other things happen, I could.

Anyhow, my point is...the photos that follow. I had a great time with experiences out of my comfort zone and I really enjoyed it. All of it.

Are you asking yourself if that's snow? In July? It is. Idaho Springs, CO 

The lake, evergreens, mountains, sky & beautiful clouds. Idaho Springs, CO

Cold creek water rushing downstream over boulders. Cherry Creek, CO (Denver)
Tomorrow is Saturday. The day will be spent on a college campus with my son exploring and taking in the new city. Then we'll venture to a Japanese steak house for dinner and worry not about the clock. 

I'm going to try hard not to let the grind get me down so I can enjoy the weekend possibilities. I'll continue to work my way out of my comfort zone in order to enjoy life again. I know this will help my mental health considerably. 

Will you remind me I said this when I come here with a different tone?

Last...If you enjoy the photos in this post, there's so much more where that came from. Check out my blog in my own name, Pamela Gold.

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