Bipolar Disorder

My diagnosis was finalized when I wasn't healing from postpartum depression. PPD awakened the fact that I was probably bipolar most of my life. I was hospitalized and (still am) medication resistant.

Diagnosis: Bipolar II

I'm not crazy.

I have ups and downs.

I suffer from depression.

I've self-harmed.

I planned my suicide.

I go through the motions of everyday life.

I have a full-time job.

I care for my family even when I don't want to get out of bed.

My illness doesn't own my body even when I sometimes want to give in to it.

So what is bipolar disorder? NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness explains it well.

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  1. I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 2 as well. I am so glad I have been reading your blog for so long and know someone else has been through this too. As glad as I am to finally have a concrete diagnosis after 30 years of depression, the word bipolar is scary. Thank you for making it less scary.


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