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I'm a writer of short stories and poetry. Neither is dead. When you write from the heart, a poem becomes a short story. It is a direct story and feeling of what the writer's mind is experiencing in the moment of pen hitting paper. It is unique and more special than anything I've ever expressed and written.

The reader analyzes and comes out at the other end with what they think it means. How it translates to their own state of mind. Is it that of the writer? More often than not, no, but it makes the reader dig deep, which is exactly the point.

The following are direct links to my personal original works of fictional short stories and poetry on my blog. I ask that you do not republish without permission.

Without a Struggle | A short story in the horror/slasher genre | Adam follows Peggy home from work and plays out a scene copying his idol. Michael Myers.

Without a Struggle is also available on Amazon:

The Occasional | Sex sells. Check it out on Amazon:

Haunted Childhood | A poem about the doll I received as a gift as a young girl who continues to haunt my dreams | Also read on the air via the World Poetry Open Mic show at the 47 minute mark.

The Hearing Eye | A poem about what goes on in the mind of a dark soul | Also read on the air via the World Poetry Open Mic show at the 2 hour 2 minute mark to close the show.

Where the Children Lie | A woman finds solace within the cemetery

Punishment * Containment * Answer Me | Short poems heavy on emotions

His One & Only | A short story about a man growing old after the loss of his beloved

The Pier | A fictional story about a woman suffering with depression

Catatonia | A dark poem | Also read on the air via the World Poetry Open Mic show at the 32 minute mark.

Hidden Secrets | A poem reflecting on the act of self-harm

Fear | A poem based on a writing prompt "Stain"

An Ode to a Most Tremendous Hubs | An inappropriate Valentine's Day poem to my husband because...fuck Valentine's Day

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